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Vagi Ltd. was founded in 2007 and all that time is taking part in motorsport activities in Latvia and beyond it. Vagi is rebuilding cars for motorsport and also prepear cars befor races. Also we are doing full tehnical support during races, which includes car transportation to the venue and car technical support during the races. In 2011 rally season Vagi was servicing several drivers as V. Zvaigzne and A. Arums.

Another company's principal activity is the manufacture of automobile exhaust systems for sport and street cars. Also company is offering custom made fuel rails and suspension parts for motorsport.

Since year 2010 company Vagi is offering well-known manufacturer products in Latvia and Europe. Curently we are official representatives in Latvia to such companys as COSWORTH, ACL, TEIN, DBA, WHITELINE, KELFORD CAMS, HAWK. And we corporate with such producers as:, TIAL SPORT, MISHIMOTO , CUSCO, KAAZ, MAHLE Motorsport, ALCON.

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